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Copper Penny 50pcs 9'11 1/2'' = $950

Copper Penny 25pcs 16'10"=$756.00

Copper Penny 8pcs 19'9"=$293.00

Copper Penny 9pcs 19'10"=$330

Pewter 10pcs 10'=$165.00

White 10pcs 12'5"= $210.97

Bright Red 7pcs 10' =$115.50

Charcoal Crinkle 7pcs 14'3" = $215

Charcoal 58pcs 12' = $1148.40

Clay 20 pcs-10' = $340


All metal as is, no warranty.

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We carry 28-gauge metals. You are sure to get value for your money with assured strength and durability.

28-Gauge Metals

Quality Assured With 28-Gauge Metals